Technical Information

My pieces are primarily high-fired, glazed porcelain. Into my clay body I add a small percentage of cotton paper pulp which burns out during the first firing. This porcelain paper clay allows me to re-hydrate the sculpture as much as needed so I can re-work the piece over time to develop the intended image.

Each piece is hand-built by slowly pinching or coiling the clay into shape. The forms are then glaze fired multiple times to build up complex layers of color and texture. I occasionally use additional finishes such as encaustic, acrylic paint, or oil washes to further develop the surface. My recent work also includes polishing the bare porcelain with diamond abrasive pads to reveal the soft luminosity of this material.

A recent series of work titled “Illuminations” was made by spraying liquid porcelain slip onto balloons. After stacking and twisting the balloons into shape, I coat them with 3-4 layers of porcelain slip applied with an industrial sprayer. The resulting forms are thin enough to be translucent. With bright, long-lasting xenon gas bulbs inside, the pieces glow with a playful sensuality enhanced by the softness of the wet slip and glaze.

Feel free to email me if you’d like additional information about working with paperclay, handbuilding porcelain, or how I create my pieces in general.